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Ultrasonic Deterrent

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Dimensions: H 16.5cm x W 9cm x D 5cm (H 6 1/2" x  W 3 1/2" x D 2")

 At Foxolutions we have tested a number of Ultrasonic devices and the Foxwatch unit is the only one that we are prepared to put our name to. Don't be fooled by cheaper models or those that claim to deter a range of different species. Foxwatch is the most successful ultrasonic fox deterrent ever invented, and the reason is simple; Uniquely, each time the fox approaches its body heat and movement are detected and activate an ultrasound alarm (calibrated to be extremely loud to foxes ears but inaudible to humans). As the fox retreats the alarm stops and in this way the fox learns to associate its movement with the noise and give a wide berth to the protected area of over 1,350sq ft. Other ultrasonic fox deterrents do not do this. They simply emit a random or permanent ultrasound signal regardless of whether a fox is present or not. As a result any passing fox soon realises the constant sound of the alarm is not caused by them and therefore becomes immune to its effects.




Foxwatch detects any fox movement and body heat within a radius of 40 feet in an angle of 100 degrees.

Foxes are repelled by Foxwatch up to a distance of 60 feet away.

Years of painstaking research have resulted in the development of a unique ultrasound frequency pattern which deters foxes from entering gardens even when they contain a rich variety of food sources such as those provided by flower beds, vegetables, fishponds, compost heaps & dustbins.

The series of Foxwatch alarm frequencies are absolutely safe and set well above our hearing range so you can enjoy your garden in complete peace and tranquillity.
Most animals like ourselves cannot hear the Foxwatch alarm, this includes cats, birds, frogs, hedgehogs and rabbits. Dogs can hear the alarm and will be deterred from entering the protected area.

Foxwatch is the ONLY fox deterrent guaranteed to work permanently or your money back! Manufacturers warranty. If Not 100% delighted with Foxwatch simply return it for a refund or exchange under the manufacturer’s 90 day money back guarantee.

Foxwatch is designed to run trouble free all year round and in all weather conditions from -30° C to +60° C. The low voltage computer controlled micro circuitry is completely sealed inside the unit so that in the unlikely event of water entering inside - it will still continue to function and be absolutely safe to touch.

Works with 9v Battery for approximately 12 weeks or optional adaptor kit for powering Foxwatch from the mains. The Mains Adaptor Kit increases the power output of the unit by 30% and comes with a 10 metre (32 feet) lead. Maintains operation at peak efficiency as opposed to the declining power output of batteries and costs just a few pence per month to run. Also available 10 Metre Extension Lead  which allows you to increase the distance between the Mains Adaptor and the Foxwatch unit. Up to 3 additional leads can be used without any loss of power. With the addition of a Connector Kit you can power two Foxwatch units from one Mains Adaptor.


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