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Nite Guard Solar


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A solar-powered device which offers night time protection from foxes. This maintenance-free product has a high-intensity red flashing LED light which automatically turns on at dusk and off in full daylight. A key benefit is that the solar-powered device needs neither batteries nor mains electricity. Nite Guard Solar is based on a micro warning light. A flash of light implies to all animals which hunt or feed at night that they have been discovered or are being watched. This is their deepest fear and it forces them to flee the area. Particularly effective for discouraging foxes from areas where poultry or rabbits are kept. Made to the highest standards, Nite Guard Solar is housed in a sealed high-impact case, protecting it against moisture while able to work in temperatures from -25C to 55C. The unit can be screwed or wired to fences by its integral screw point. Nite Guard Solar should last between three to five years when used properly.

Position the units approximately 25 feet apart around your entire perimeter (all four sides of the area) and place them at eye level to the foxes - which is approximately 20 inches off the ground. If the area has sides longer than 100 feet, more lights should be used on each side. Face lights outward from area that you wish to protect.


Q: Will the flashing light be annoying to my neighbours or alarm my own livestock?

No - Your livestock and any other domestic animals will not be affected by the flash. It is not an annoying strobe type flash therefore will not attract undue attention; however predators see it instantly because of their wary nature. Most neighbours and anyone else will believe the lights to be a security system of some kind in place and this is a good thing..

Q: Is there a guarantee on these lights?

Yes - We offer a one-year guarantee on the lights.

Q: Could I use the light as a security system?

Yes - In addition to the fox deterrence characteristics of Nite Guard Solar the red flashing light located near an entry door or driveway can give the impression that a security system is installed there.

Q: How do I mount Nite Guard Solar?

Each unit has a tab on the top which will accept a screw for mounting on a post or stake. Even though they are very well built, do not attempt to hammer on or jar the unit excessively when installing.

Q: Does the light only work in one direction?

Yes, it is one directional and has an approx. 30 degree angle of sight as one moves to the right or left away from it. This explains the need for spacing between lights.

Q: Can I buy just one light?

Yes, however, remember the lights are one directional and we have found if multi-light (4 or more lights) settings are not used, the predator will circle and come into the kill area from a direction where they do not see the flash. Night predators are smart and determined to enter your area, especially if they have already been in there. Most ground predators such as foxes will attempt to approach from the direction where the lights are not flashing.

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