50m Poultry Net Kit including Energiser

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 50M Poultry Net Kit Including Energiser - £239.99

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Electric fencing is effective against foxes because they don't tend to take a running jump at a fence. Instead, a fox will more often 'stalk' the fence, perhaps testing it from a few points for weakness. The fox might try to climb a fence or even jump to the top in order to have a look over the other side. These are all behaviour patterns that help to make electrified netting very effective.

Electrified poultry netting provides a low visibility, effective deterrent against foxes. Easily moved, stored and re erected, the poultry kit can be powered by mains (240v) or from a 12v battery.

Our kit contains a Dual Power Fence Energiser which can be powered by either mains or 12v Battery, 50 metres x 110cm high green netting with posts, guy ropes, pegs and repair kit. 4 rigid double spike corner posts, Earth Stake and Warning Sign

If you intend to run the system from a battery you will require a 12v battery of minimum 75 Ah - See Product Reference LS85, and a means to recharge it - Product Reference BCP. This will need recharging approximately every 4 weeks.

If you intend to run the system from the mains you will need to house the energiser indoors or in a weather proof environment. You will then need one lead to the fence and one to the earth stake. We recommend using our high voltage lead out cable. This double insulated 1.6mm Steel Cable is available in 25metre, 50metre and 100metre lengths - Call us for our best cable deals.

  • Model: FX017-50

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